Mother Angeline’s Ministers of Care: Manhattan

by Mother Mark Louis Anne, O.Carm.

  ministers1  On a crisp but sunny January 30, our Sisters literally set sail on the Ferry from Staten Island to Holy Rosary Church on the very tip of Manhattan, which is also the Shrine of St. Elizabeth Seton.  Module I training for Mother Angeline Ministers of Care was conducted in the hall below the small brick church, which is almost swallowed up by the high rise glass and concrete structures around it.    Before the sessions began, a visit was made to the Shrine, and one could not help reflect on the strength and courage of both Mother Seton and Mother Angeline, and how apropos the site was for training. The beautiful bronze statue of Mother Seton in the back of the church was designed by Sr. Margaret Beaudette SC, who also sculpted our statue of Mother Angeline. Attendees were from various parishes in lower Manhattan and were eager to learn and establish their own branch of the ministry.  They are being encouraged by their pastors, one of whom was present for the whole day.  Please keep this ministry is your prayers as we reach out to the homebound elderly, who are often isolated and cut off from the mainstream of parish life.

The Mother Angeline Ministries of Care (MAMC) is a volunteer parish outreach program that focuses on bringing Christ to the homebound and sick of our faith community. Trained outreach volunteers mirror Mother Angeline’s spirit of kindness, joy, and prayer. They allow each person to feel the compassion and love of Christ in a deeply personal way. Through the care and concern for each individual visited, the Ministries also promote Respect for Life, especially in its later stages. It adheres to the moral and ethical teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and abides by diocesan policies and procedures which govern its activities.

For more information about hosting this program in your parish, please contact Sr. Peter Lillian Di Maria, O. Carm., (518) 537-5000 at the Avila Institute of Gerontology, Inc. or visit


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