Sanctity of Life

We,  the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, are a religious congregation dedicated to the service of God in an apostolate which focuses on care to the aged. In our ministry to the aged, we uphold the authentic teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and philosophy of our Foundress, Mother M. Angeline Teresa, regarding the value and right to life of each person from conception throughout the stages of living.

Our mission is to provide wholistic care to the aged and infirm in an atmosphere of Christian understanding and faith. We hold in reverential esteem the sanctity of life, believing that God has touched humankind in a personal and lasting manner by the gift of life. Sanctity of life does not depend upon the quality of life. Although mental and/or physical limitations may exist, the life of every human being is considered sacred. Each one has, therefore, a moral responsibility to respect and protect the basic right to life.

Every aspect of care given to those who reside in our Carmelite Homes reflects the sanctity of life, the dignity of the human person and the realization that death is a natural part of life. Great tenderness and concerns are shown to the sick and every effort is made to alleviate pain and to promote comfort. We console and support both resident and family, especially when death is imminent. Because we believe in eternal life, we do not hasten nor do we prolong the dying process, realizing that the person will meet their God and enter into eternal life.  In an effort to accomplish our mission, we strive to create an environment which recognizes Christ in every individual entrusted to our care. We incorporate these values into all resident care and personnel policies.

We, as Carmelite Sisters, in keeping with our philosophy of care, provide the full support of the human family of which every person is worthy.

We, as Carmelite Sisters, publicly state that we are opposed to abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide and all acts of violence against the human race.