These are the inspiring memories left by Mother Angeline Teresa to her beloved daughters:


Mother Angeline was ever ready and eager to do God’s Will.  She always encouraged the Sisters to be “faithfully faithful” and told us that if we were faithful  in little things, God would take care of the big ones.  When the Novices began their canonical year, she gave them “Virgo Fidelis” as their motto.  In a spirit of faith, she accepted the vocation within the vocation that God gave her.  When the desire to do more for the aged caused her to approach the Cardinal of New York, he told her that “if this is of God, it will prosper.”  These words convinced Mother that she should go ahead.  She did this in spite of numerous difficulties, much suffering, and little financial aid.  Even in her last days she was often heard to say, “Whatever God wants!” and she accepted her failing health with complete resignation to the Will of God.

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 Before any undertaking, Mother Angeline always invoked the Holy Spirit.  She knew that of herself she could accomplish nothing.  She needed His guidance for spiritual progress and material success.  In her were found His gifts of wisdom in making decisions, understanding in making allowances for human nature, fortitude in trying circumstances, and above all, joy in the living of her vocation.  It was these these gifts of the Holy Spirit that enabled her to guide her young community through trying times. 

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Mother Angeline Teresa, like her great patroness, St. Teresa of Avila, could say that she never asked St. Joseph for a favor in vain.  Mother would “go to Joseph” when praying for vocations, for financial help, and for success in her undertakings.  Mother made her Profession of Vows on the Feast of St. Joseph in 1915, and she had a special love for this great Saint who provided so well for Jesus and Mary.  She showed her love for him by naming foundations after him, by assigning his name to many Sisters, and by the solemn celebration of his feast days.

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God gave us His greatest gift when he gave us His Divine Son.  How well Mother Angeline realized this.  Her reverence in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament was striking.  She provided the best for Our Lord in the Chapel, and as long as she was able, enjoyed helping to decorate the altars on Feast Days.  On those days, she provided an abundance of flowers- her way of showing her love for Him who had been so generous to us.  One of the great joys of opening new foundations was that there would be “another Tabernacle for Our Lord.”  Since God had been so generous to us, she shared His blessings with others.  Mother was renowned for her great generosity especially to priests and missionaries.  She was magnanimous and never stopped giving of herself and of the material gifts she received.

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Mother Angeline received the name “Angeline” when she received the habit of the Little Sisters of the Poor, September 8, 1913.  All through her religious life she had a great devotion to the Holy Angels.  With this devotion came a childlike simplicity and great trust in God.  She truly believed that God “had sent an angel to guard us on our way” and no matter how difficult things became she felt God would see her through.  On one occasion, when a Sister doubted that she could undertake a difficult assignment, and said she could not do it, Mother responded, “neither can I, Sister, but did you ever think that Jesus and you could?”

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The following was in Mother Angeline’s writings:

“Sometimes remembering what my Patroness, St. Teresa, said that when we feel we are so near to the King, we should make our petitions to Him, I always plead for souls.  First, for Priests, that they may reach the height of sanctity to which their vocation calls them.  I entered religion chiefly with the intention of sacrificing  myself for Priests, realizing how God must delight in the soul of a Priest, and its immense influence over the salvation of other souls.  I have always kept this object of my religious life in view, and I feel confident I can help my brother Priests, especially by my prayers and penances for their intentions.”

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  1. Mother Angeline accepted me into the order in 1958 when other order’s refused me into the convent. She gave me a chance. May God be with all the Sisters.

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