Mother M. Angeline Teresa (Bridget Teresa McCrory) was born on January 21, 1893 in Mountjoy, County Tyrone, Ireland.  When she was seven years of age her family migrated to Scotland and at the age of nineteen she left home to become a Little Sister of the Poor, a Congregation engaged in the care of the destitute aged. She made her Novitiate in La Tour, France and after Profession she was sent to the United States.

In 1926, Mother Angeline was appointed Superior of a Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor in the Bronx, New York.  During an annual retreat in 1927, she felt an urge to reach out to do more for the aged for whom she cared.  She felt that the European way and many of the customs in France did not meet the needs or customs of America.  She also felt that old age strikes all classes of people, leaving them alone and frightened.  Being unable to effect any necessary changes in her present situation, Mother Angeline sought advice and counsel from Patrick Cardinal Hayes of New York. Not only did he encourage her, but he likewise felt more could be done for the aged people in the New York area. Eventually, this need was recognized in the United States.

In order to accomplish what she felt called to do, and with the blessing of the Cardinal, Mother Angeline and six other Sisters withdrew from the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor and were granted permission from Rome to begin a new Community for the care of the aged incorporating Mother Angeline’s ideals.

Thus, through the inspiration Mother received from the Congregation dedicated to the aged poor, she was now able to further develop this needed apostolate with new methods.  From the very start, the Carmelite Friars in New York took a deep interest in Mother and her companions.  In 1931 the new Community became affiliated with the great Order of Carmel and became known as “Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm.”

On January 21, 1984, Mother Angeline Teresa the Foundress, went to her eternal reward.  She had the great consolation of seeing the Congregation beyond her expectations.  Her daughters in Carmel remember her by her famous words: “If you must fail, let it be on the side of kindness.  Be kinder than kindness itself to the old people.” Mother Angeline Teresa is laid to rest in the Congregation’s cemetery at St. Teresa’s Motherhouse in Germantown, New York. On June 28, 2012, His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, authorized the Promulgation of the Decree of Heroic Virtues.  She is now known as Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, O.Carm.


 1893 January  21

 Birth; second child of Thomas and Brigid Taggart McCrory.

 Registers St. Brigid’s Parish School
Family moves to Carfin, Scotland
1901 October  5
Confirmed: takes name Teresa
1906 September
Enters Convent School, Bothwell
1911 January  20 
Father dies, industrial accident
1912 February  2 
Enters Little Sisters of the Poor, Glasgow, Scotland
1912 August  11 
Sent to Paris to improve French
1913 February  14 
Enters novitiate, La Tour St. Joseph, St. Pern, France
1913 September  8 
Receives habit and name, Sr. Marie Angeline de Ste. Agathe
1915 March 19 
Professed at St. Pern, France
1915 October 3 
Assigned to St. Augustine’s Home Brooklyn, New York
1915 October 15 
Sails on the ship, New York USS Harvard for the USA
1924 August
Prepares for Perpetual Vows, La Tour St. Joseph
1925 April 21 
Makes Perpetual Vows
Assigned to Home in Pittsburgh
Named Superior, Our Lady’s Home, Bronx, New York
Struggles to adapt the Home to a more comfortable American lifestyle.
Superiors in France do not approve new ideas.
1929 June 21 
Requests Rome for dispensation from vows with approval of Cardinal Hayes
and superiors in France.
1929 August 9
Dispensations granted.
1929 August 11
Leaves with six companions for temporary quarters with Sparkill  Dominicans
at St. Martin of Tours Convent, Bronx, NY. They leave in habits that the
Dominican sisters helped them make.
1929 September 3
Founds Congregation.
1929 October 7
Profession of Vows
1931 July 16
Affiliation with Order of Carmel
1931 September 8
First Postulants receive habit.
1931 September 29
First Motherhouse, St. Patrick’s Home, Bronx, New York
1931 December 8
Perpetual Vows as Carmelites
1947 February 11 
Avila on the Hudson, Motherhouse blessed.
1956 October 19
Silver Jubilee (28 Foundations)
1957 July 16
Sacred Congregation of Religious approves Order.
1961 July 1
John XXIII: Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Award
1965 March 19
Golden Jubilee (40 Foundations)
1969 November 19
National Award of Honor, American Association Homes for Aging
Honorary Degrees: Doctor of Humane Letters, Siena College, Loudonville, NY;
Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY
1978 August 1
      Papal Award: Benemerenti Award
1984 January 21
   Dies (59 foundations)