Test your knowledge of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa by answering some trivia questions–some fundamentals, a few fine points, and some for a bit of fun. New questions will be posted periodically so be sure to revisit our website to catch a new question and see if you know the answer!

  1. What confirmation name did Mother select at age 10?
  2. Mother Angeline was very good player at which board game?
  3. Which foreign language could Mother Angeline speak fluently?
  4. Can you name a favorite New Testament passage that Mother knew by heart?
  5. What flower was very special to Mother Angeline?
  6. What adjective was used to describe Mother in the pioneering days of caring for the elderly?
  7. What was a favorite spiritual reading book of Mother’s?
  8. What was Mother’s favorite breed of dog?
  9. Can you name a favorite Scottish song that Mother loved to hear?
  10. Which Holy Fathers did Mother Angeline meet? How many times did she meet them?
  11. What was Mother Angeline’s favorite hymn?
  12. Was Mother Angeline an American citizen?
  13. Can you name mother’s Favorite hot beverage?
  14. Do you know a favorite treat that goes great with a cup of tea?
  15. What was Mother Angeline’s first automobile?
  16. How many children were in Mother Angeline’s family?
  17. What is depicted on the McCrory Coat of Arms?
  18. Of the founding Sisters, was Mother Angeline the oldest?


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