Testimonials / Favors

October 20, 2021 from A.M

The Postulation Office recently received a letter from A.M who wrote about a serious medical situation. After being diagnosed previously with early stage breast cancer, and more recently with early stage ovarian cancer, A. had genetic testing done for hereditary cancer genes. The consensus of medical opinion before testing was that she is a carrier of the hereditary BRCA 1 or 2 gene. It is a gene with a 50% transgererational transmission. Having lost her own mother aged 38, A. was terrified with the prospect of having passed this genetic abnormality to her children and grandchildren. However, the results of her genetic testing showed that there were no genetic abnormalities! A. had been praying to Venerable Mother Angeline McCrory for this very specific and singular intention and she feels that there has been a successful intercession.

August 2, 2021, From T.A

T. prayed the prayer of intercession to Mother Angeline for employment. He was offered a job- one that he hoped for. “So thank you Mother Angeline and other saints out there for being that light we all need.”

April 2021

…This past October, the Covid 19 hit our seminary… and about 60 of us got the virus all around the same time. During this time, I asked Mother Angeline to intercede to the Lord for us, and would pray the prayer on her prayer card… daily during the height of the pandemic over here. We had received the prayer cards in a mailing from the Carmelite Sisters.

There were two seminarians in particular who were very sick… Deacon D.D., and seminarian D.O. (who) was very sick, and… from his words, was pretty much considered dead. D.O. was in the hospital for months. Well, both of them are doing well now… D.D, God willing, is about to be ordained a priest, and D.O. is about to finish up another semester.

I just wanted to pass this information along. From what I understand, Mother Angeline loved Priests and Seminarians. I asked for her intersession and prayers to the Lord, and the Lord answered our prayers! Thank the Lord, all of us survived the seminary-wide outbreak in October 2020.


I prayed to Mother Angeline and was able to get a job as a Nutrition Specialist for an area senior agency for seniors. An answered prayer. Thank you. 

Spring 2019

“On October 2, 2018, I fell and fractured my skull and my brain was bleeding.  As a result, my left leg would not move. I spent 34 days between hospital and two rehabs.  When I was in the ICU, a Sister brought me a small picture of Mother Angeline and told me to pray to her and she would help me.  I prayed to her everyday asking for help.  I heard many disturbing stories as a result of brain injuries. Not able to walk, talk, memory loss and not being able to take care of oneself.  I did not have any of those results.  I truly believe that Mother Angeline healed me and I am so grateful to her.”

A.N., a resident at the Villas of Saint Therese, Columbus, OH

July/ 2016

“I would like to relay a blessing in our life that I feel Mother Angeline may have had a part in. Our daughter and her husband have been trying to conceive a child for over two years and have had difficulty doing so. I have been praying to Mother Angeline since that time for her and her husband to have a baby…and that prayer was answered. I was so thrilled to learn of Mother Angeline’s cause for Sainthood several years ago because my mother’s cousin, Sister Christine, was part of the Order until she went to Our Lord in 2014. Just as Mother looked out for our cousin in her early years in the Order, I am confident that Mother is now also willing to look out for some of Sister Christine’s family. My daughter did indeed receive many prayers from many people during her struggle but I am convinced that Mother’s intercession was a key factor given our family’s connection to your Order.”

July/ 2016

“I was speaking to a man JB this morning from the townland of Drummurrer in the parish who told me that he had a growth on his face below his left eye some time ago. He visited his local doctor who made an appointment for him with a consultant in Belfast but the man also went to the shrine of Mother Angeline in Brocagh and took home some Holy Water from her Baptismal font. He rubbed this water on his face every day and when he finally met the doctor in Belfast the doctor told him there was no sign whatsoever of his ailment on his face! The man (JB) truly believes he had a favor from Mother Angeline.”

Those who believe their prayers were answered through Mother Angeline Teresa’s intercession are encouraged to contact the Carmelite Sisters or you may write to:

The Postulator’s Office

Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm

600 Woods Road

Germantown, New York 12526