Handcrafted under the supervision of the Carmelite Friars in Vietnam, hand knotted – measures 5” when stretched out flat. Ideal to carry in your pocket, purse, car, or backpack.
Pocket Prayer Card for a Special Intention included – measures 2.5” x 3.5”

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Bulletin Artwork

About the Cover Artwork

Each year the Cause and Charism Commission recommends a specific theme that can be used for the Commemoration on January 21st – the anniversary of the birth and death of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa. The annual theme is reflective of a different virtue of Mother’s life. Once the theme is selected and approved by the Council, Father Mario Esposito, Vice Postulator, suggests possible readings that might be used for the Eucharistic Celebration. In order to assist the inclusion of the facilities in celebrating January 21st each year, the appropriate information on the theme and selected readings are sent to each facility. The selected themes since 1999 include those depicted here.

Ministry Corner- Pastoral Care

Submitted by Sr. Kathleen John McLinden, O. Carm., Pastoral Care Director

In 1989, a new 209 bed facility St. Patrick’s Residence, was built in Naperville to replace the original facility located in downtown Joliet. In 1997, a beautiful and devotional Chapel and more common space were added and presently 194 residents are served. St. Patrick’s Residence has always sought to extend the healing ministry of Christ to those entrusted to our care. Besides meeting the physical, emotional, and social needs of the residents, every effort is made to provide for their spiritual needs, regardless of religious affiliation.

The Pastoral Care Department oversees the celebration of Mass four times a week, the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Holy Communion is brought to residents unable to attend Mass by Sisters, dedicated lay staff and Eucharistic Ministers. Bedside prayers are also offered for the sick and dying, and emotional support is given to families experiencing the sickness or loss of a loved one. Pastoral Care Visits are done daily to give the residents time to talk about the family and if there are any issues that they may want to discuss 1:1 and in the privacy of their room where one feels comfortable to talk. We also broadcast Mass from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chapel throughout the house on the T.V.

St. Patrick’s residents also have two Memorial Masses said yearly for all the deceased residents in the past six months. The families and friends are invited to attend this special event and refreshments are provided with time to welcome all the families and friends. There is a candlelight service during this time when families are asked to bring up the candle to the altar as the names are called out and light the candle of their loved one.

After the Mass, the families are encouraged to take the candle home and light it to remember their loved one on their birthday or anniversary and say a prayer for them. This is a special event for families and friends to attend this Mass.

Profession of Perpetual Vows

Sr. Maureen Paul Angeline, O.Carm. and Sr. Luke Mary Angeline, O.Carm.

On Saturday April 23, 2022, Sister Maureen Paul Angeline and Sister Luke Mary Angeline professed Perpetual Vows as Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm. The Eucharistic celebration was held at Saint Teresa’s Motherhouse Chapel. The presiding celebrant was the Very Reverend Mario Esposito, O.Carm. Also present at the altar were Reverend James Hess, O.Carm. and the Carmelite Brothers of the Saint Elias Province.

In addition to live-stream coverage of the ceremony, Carmelite Sisters, family members, and special friends of Sister Maureen Paul and Sister Luke Mary attended the Mass. Among Sister Luke’s invited guests were Sisters of Saint John the Baptist, Little Sisters of the Poor, and Missionaries of Charity. The sight of these Religious Sisters, and the witness of the commitment of Sister Maureen Paul and Sister Luke Mary, gave a wonderful testament to the beauty of religious consecration and vocation!

Highlighted excerpts of Fr. Mario’s Homily:

“The first work of every Religious is the faithful living of their religious consecration, the seeking of perfect love, and any ministry comes after that and flows from that self-giving love offered to the Lord, in our case, within Mary’s Order. We can say, “I have come to consider everything as a loss and rubbish because of the supreme good of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. Everything else is a loss if I may gain Christ, and give myself to Him who has called me using the words of St. Paul we heard today, so that by sharing in His death, that is embracing the Christian life, I may attain the resurrection from the dead, that is, to possess Christ Jesus Himself.” This life-long aspiration to possess Christ, to be one with Him, to learn to recognize Him all around me in my sisters and brothers and in the elderly and infirm, to know the meaning of Matthew 25:25 that whatever I do for the least I do for Christ Himself, this is the vocation of a Religious, and it leads to new life.”

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