Sr. Paul Anthony Presents Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa

Sister Paul Anthony, O.Carm.

On November 15, 2021, on the Feast of All Carmelite Souls, Sr. Paul Anthony Videtich, O.Carm. held a conference on Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, O.Carm. at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Middletown, NY. Sr.  Paul presented an overview of the founding of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm by Mother Angeline, which described the revolutionary philosophy care for the elderly that was initiated in 1929.  ‘Person centered care’ set the standard of care for the elderly in homes run by the Carmelite Sisters.  Sr. Paul invited questions from the audience, and the conference was concluded with the prayer of intercession to Mother Angeline.  A recording of the conference can be viewed here:

The director of the shrine can be reached by phone 845 343 1879 or email

Story Contribution: Mary Ann Iaccino, Secretary to The Mother Angeline Society


Sister M. Patricia of the Queen of Carmel, O.Carm.

Sister M. Patricia of the Queen of Carmel passed into eternal life on Sunday May 9, 2021 at St. Patrick’s Manor, in the 65th year of her religious life.

Sr. Patricia had extensive training in the field of nursing including a Master’s Degree, as well as Nurse Practitioner. Her most recent Missions were St. Patrick’s Home (1980-1996), St. Joseph Nursing Home (1996-2014) and St. Patrick’s Manor (2014-2021). Sr. Patricia served on the Commission for the Cause of Beatification and Canonization of Mother M. Angeline Teresa, and she was devoted to making Mother better known. She gifted memberships and renewals in the Mother Angeline Society for family and friends every year and purchased materials for distribution to those she met. She was also a great promoter of vocations to the Carmelite Congregation, generously distributing vocation materials wherever she went.

Sr. Patricia was full of love for her Community and for the aged and infirm residents she served throughout more than six decades as a Carmelite Sister. She will remain forever close in our minds and hearts.


Saint Joseph stained glass window- Avila on the Hudson, NY

Mother Angeline had a great faith and trust in Divine Providence. When she felt the urge to do more for the aged, she never doubted that she was doing God’s will—once she received approval from the Church officials. She also was confident that God would provide for her in all her needs. In spite of great poverty, doubt about the future, a temporary residence—she and her six companions went ahead with determination and courage. God blessed her faith and we thank Him for the fruitfulness of her labors. Mother made her Vows on the Feast of St. Joseph in 1915, and she had a special love for this great saint, turning to him as father of the Holy Family to provide material needs and good vocations. She showed her love for him by naming foundations after him, by the many Sisters bearing his name, and by the celebration of his Feast Days.

St. Joseph Stained Glass window – Avila on the Hudson

Celebrating Religious 75, 70, 60 50 Years of Jubilees

On June 5, 2021, Saint Teresa’s Motherhouse at Avila-on-Hudson celebrated with our Carmelite Sisters who commemorated their respective 75, 70, 60 and 50 years of religious jubilees.

The principal celebrant was Monsignor Drake Shafer from the Diocese of Davenport. Very Reverend Mario Esposito, O.Carm. was the Master of Ceremonies, assisted by the Carmelite Brothers of the Saint Elias Province in Middletown, New York.

The Jubilarians are Sr. M. Xavier Frances Marchiony, O.Carm. (75 years), Sr. M. Robert of the Infant Jesus Romano O.Carm. (70 years), Sr. M. Lois Joseph Baniewicz, O.Carm., Sr. M. Titus Joseph Ramsbottom, O.Carm., Sr. M. Jacqueline Joseph Wagner, O.Carm. Sr. Barbara Francis Higgins, O.Carm. (60 years), Sr. Marie Richard Carmel Brusca, O.Carm. and Sr. Diane Marie Mack, O.Carm. (50 years).

On this day, our Jubilarians renewed their religious vows first made many years ago, in the presence of their families, invited guests and fellow Sisters. It was a beautiful and inspiring testament of mutual love and fidelity – God’s and his chosen soul.

We offer our gratitude to all the Jubilarians who have given so many years and so much of themselves to the service of God, the Church and our Community. May God bless each of them abundantly and may Our Lady of Mount Carmel enfold each in her mantle and draw them ever closer to her Son.

Below: Jubilarians; 75th Jubilarian: Sr. M. Xavier Marchiony; 70th Jubilarian: Sr. M. Robert of the Infant Jesus Romano; 60th Jubilarians (L-R): Sr. M. Lois Joseph, Sr. M. Titus Joseph, Sr. M. Jacqueline Joseph; 50th Jubilarians (L-R): Sr. Diane Marie Mack. O.Carm., Sr. Marie Richard Carmel Brusca, O.Carm. Monsignor Drake Shafer,
principal celebrant

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