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Dear Members of the Mother Angeline Society,

Greetings to all of you as we make our way through this year of 2018 that the Lord has given us. Thank you for all of your ongoing support of the Cause for the Beatification
and Canonization of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa McCrory, O.Carm. You are always remembered in the prayers of the Carmelite Sisters and in monthly Masses for your intentions.

This year we have been reflecting upon Mother Angeline as a Voice for the Sanctity of Life. Often, we think of our prayers and efforts for the Right to Life or Sanctity of Life as being primarily focused on working for an end to abortion in our society and protection for the unborn and, while this is a critically important issue of our times, it is not the only life issue about which the Church and people of good will are concerned. The Carmelite Sisters represent a strong voice in the Church and in health care for the protection and sanctity of life for the elderly, the weak, those seniors who are vulnerable and, in some ways, cast aside by society because they are no longer materially productive and might be a burden. The very parents, grandparents and individuals who bore the heat of the day for the generations that followed, seem now to be expendable and marginal. There are countless older people struggling with various physical and mental challenges who need dedicated, sympathetic loving care and protection such as
provided in Carmelite facilities. The Carmelite Sisters also make available excellent palliative care programs, offering wonderful alternatives and comfort for the elderly, while publicly advocating against the various initiatives that propose euthanasia,
contrary to the teaching of Christ and His Church.

Mother Angeline loved and venerated the elderly. She saw the whole person with his or her material, emotional and spiritual needs, and taught her Sisters to do the same. Each Carmelite Home for the Aged and Infirm makes it a priority, a core value, that the residents are treated with love, respect and dignity in order to make their later years joyous, safe and wholesome. Nothing is compromised for the good of the residents in order to safeguard them and give them peace. Each person represented the Lord to Mother Angeline, and each needed to be cared for as one would care for their own parents, and in fact the Lord himself. The Carmelite Sisters advocate for the Sanctity of Life in all its stages and with all of its challenges in all their facilities and programs. They copy the loving example of compassion taught them by Venerable Mary Angeline, their Foundress, and see that their mission and all who share in it continue her respect for the Sanctity of Life. Mother Angeline’s charism is as relevant and important today
as it has been since she began 89 years ago. Please continue to support both financially and by your prayers the Cause of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa. Let us all pray for and add our voices for the protection and Sanctity of Life.

In Christ,


Winter/Spring 2018

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