Saint Joseph stained glass window- Avila on the Hudson, NY

Mother Angeline had a great faith and trust in Divine Providence. When she felt the urge to do more for the aged, she never doubted that she was doing God’s will—once she received approval from the Church officials. She also was confident that God would provide for her in all her needs. In spite of great poverty, doubt about the future, a temporary residence—she and her six companions went ahead with determination and courage. God blessed her faith and we thank Him for the fruitfulness of her labors. Mother made her Vows on the Feast of St. Joseph in 1915, and she had a special love for this great saint, turning to him as father of the Holy Family to provide material needs and good vocations. She showed her love for him by naming foundations after him, by the many Sisters bearing his name, and by the celebration of his Feast Days.

St. Joseph Stained Glass window – Avila on the Hudson

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